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A Very Unique Log home builds each project according to the requests of the owner. Each home is custom and therefore it is not possible to offer a price list. However, we have found that most projects can be estimated on a per square foot basis while considering design complexity factors. Please use the following a price guideline for your custom home. We will give a confirmed bid after discussion of the exact requirements and options you specify on your home.

Our standard bid is arranged in the following manner:
The Logwork Shell including:
• The perimeter log walls and interior log partitions.
• Flattened log purlin roof framing system designed to support the ceiling and roof finishing package
• All tie logs and vertical posts
• Porch roof framing systems in full log
• Log dormers
• Log trusswork and customized log framing system
• Supervised logwork reconstruction.

In 11-14 inch diameter logs: $30-$45 per square foot (simple roofline home with minimal corners will be on the lower end of the range. Homes with more corners, rooflines, dormers, or other options will be in the middle to higher part of this range). Larger log size: 15-17 inch diameter logs are available at an increased cost. Because of the scarcity of logs in this size range and larger, it may be necessary to reserve logs in advance.

Unique log stairways and railings can be created for most projects. The stairways are typically an open-tread style.