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We here at A Very Unique Log Home are proud of our work and want to insure that the your home is finished as it was envisioned. Instead of mass-producing homes, we strive for quality craftsmanship. We are a small operation that usually only builds one - three log home per year. We are always available at all stages of the construction for advice and assistance. Log construction presents many challenges to new builders and buyers, and we want to make the building process as easy, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. We welcome receiving rough sketches, floor plans and/or full blueprints to submit a price quote to you for the log shell portion of the building. We also have ready-made plans available or can create custom plans from your design ideas.

Chinked Style Construction

It takes years of training to be able to handcraft a chinked style log home. Our homes are built with carefully selected (standing dead) Lodgepole Pine or Spruce timber. The average size of logs are approximately 12"-14" in diameter. Full length logs are used in the construction for superior strength with no unsightly or drafty butt joints. Every log is hand-peeled with a draw knife and then is carefully scribed and notched into place. The expertise comes in the fitting of floor systems, roof systems, and log trusses. These are all natural features of a chinked style log home. Our typical corner is a saddle notch shrink-to-fit. We use flexible latex chinking with foam backer rod, which fits snugly into the chink (space between each log), to insure no air leaks . This type of chinking stays flexible for years. Many people ask about Scandinavian Scribe style. We prefer the versatility, lower cost, and less settling of the logs associated with tight chinked style


Home will be constructed in our yard near Red Lodge, Montana. The logs will then be numbered, disassembled and loaded onto semi-trucks. Trucking of the logs to the final building site is accomplished by a licensed hauler whose bid is based on the project location. Cost estimates are available to your area upon request. A supervisor from A Very Unique Log Home will be on site to coordinate the arrival of the trucks and to re-erect the logwork shell (this is included in the logwork shell bid). The contractor or owner typically provides a crew of 3-4 to assist in this process. A local crane will also be required, and is in addition to the log shell bid.